The tea sector has gone through challenging times on account of the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19. Some of the challenges in the tea sector arising out of COVID 19 include; direct economic loss due to loss of crop; restriction on the movement of workers leading to a shortage of workforce for cultivation, especially plucking; restarting expenses in the field after lock-down and in the factory; delay in streamlining the supply chain; non-availability of money for operations including payment of wages; accumulation of unsold tea in the warehouses, exports not taking place and transport to and from most ports was not functioning as supply chain was disrupted.

However, due to the proactive policies of the Government of Tamil Nadu, INDCOSERVE was the first to resume the activities. INDCOSERVE did not face much of the lockdown blues as all Indco factories were able to restart their operations within a week of the lockdown after getting the clearance from the Government of Tamil Nadu. Factories followed all precautions for the safety of its workforce and successfully handled the challenge. In fact, during the lockdown INDCOSERVE was able to access a prestigious order of supplying more than 1250 Metric tons of Mountain Rose Tea (250 Gram Packets) to the Civil Supplies Department of Kerala Government as a part of their special COVID-19 relief package. The order was completed by INDCOSERVE in a record time of 21 days ending timely supply of good quality tea. This has brought laurels to INDCOSERVE and economic benefit to our farmers.